Plika at Mill B Trailhead

Plika hasn’t been out much this winter, so I took them along when I went pliking at the Mill B Trailhead in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Fortunately, the trash was concentrated near the road, so after picking it up, we were able to enjoy a peaceful hike while listening to the stream with its tiny waterfalls. If you haven’t been there, the trail starts next to some huge boulders framing the road, then branches into Broads and Lake Blanche trails. There’s still a lot of ice on the trail, so it might be best to wait a few weeks before going for a hike. Lake Blanche is steep but well worth the effort, and most likely would benefit from a good pliking once the snow melts.

**Plika is our mascot. Pikas live on rocky slopes and eat grasses and twigs. They are closely related to rabbits, but much smaller and with rounded ears.

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