Unusual Litter

Since September 2018, our pliking members have picked up thousands of pounds of trash – more than 550 large trash bags, in addition to many larger items that wouldn’t fit in a bag.

Most of the trash collected is rather boring, and sometimes disgusting – fast food wrappers, cans, diapers and lately, masks.  However, sometimes we find something more interesting.  My personal most interesting find was a bag of weed, which I turned over to the Ogden Police Dept.  The most lucrative one was a $20 bill.  The second biggest one was a couch.  Although I know Dave can top that with his pickup of a camper shell!

Correction: Dave picked up an entire camper…

Published by Pliking

Pliking Inc. is a 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to building clean, healthy and strong communities through promoting the sport of pliking: picking up litter while hiking or biking. Our activities include litter cleanup and pruning events, educational booths, and youth presentations.

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