Pliking 2022

In its first three years and three months, Pliking volunteers contributed more than 5,000 hours!

Areas pliked in 2022 include: Big D Park, Lower Gibs, 29th St trail, Stairway to Harrison, Glasmann Pond, Nature Center North, Ft. Buenaventura, 21st St Pond, No Fork Park, Birdsong, Ogden River, Bountiful Pond, Centennial Trail, Pineview, 9th St trailhead, Beus Pond, Parker trailhead, Ogden Christmas Village, High Adventure Park, Seattle suburbs, Mt. Rainier, Rancho Cucamonga and southeastern Idaho. Not to mention the activities of our sister pliking club in Gastonia, North Carolina!

I thought it would be fun to share a few reports from 2022:

I met a pliker out with his young daughter picking up trash.  His words: I love using the path and I’m proud of the area.  I started cleaning it because I want bicyclists to have a good and safe experience.  Also, I want to set a good example for my young daughter. –January 8, 2022

Thanks to the volunteers that helped clean up at Bonneville Shoreline Trail today.

6 bags of trash, 4 pallets, some netting and a rope and even an old vacuum cleaner.

(that must be how they used to clean the trails). –March 20, 2022

From David Zwick, avid pliker: People who are willing to pick up after strangers are good people.” –March 24, 2022

While we cleaned some trails at North Fork Park, the Trails Foundation of Northern Utah awarded the 1st ever Richard White Friends of the Trail Award to our own Dave Stuart. A well deserved recognition for all he has done for the trail system and his work with different trail organizations.  Congratulations Dave!  –June 4, 2022

We hosted an event for the homeless, modeled after the “Triangle Project” in San Diego. Ken Garff provided a meal, and a Gift Card to those that came to help. Thanks to Ken Garff Automotive volunteers,  Lantern House and Youth Impact for providing a van to transport. –June 21, 2022

Pliking at Bountiful Pond on a gorgeous sunny day (sometimes we playak here) – lots of small litter around the banks and trail. Pliking volunteers were amazing and cleaned up 4 large bags of trash. A crawdad was the strangest find today. July 16, 2022

Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate for our events. Even though spits of rain tried to stop us, a few dedicated plikers cleaned the trail around Beus Pond.One little helper kept our spirits high and we collected 5 grocery bags of trash. –Oct. 10, 2022

For those who have been pliking with us, these stories recalled many others – hiking with award recipient Dave to the “Indian Head” on the mountain while he shared stories of the area (his tour comes with Buffalo head nickels for the participants); getting a large magnet stuck on a metal bridge at Bountiful Pond while pulling out trash from the water; pliking in the rain while singing campfire songs.

It’s been a glorious journey, and we look forward to many more years of pliking!

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