No puny poop bags for this litterer

My sister in Idaho is an avid Pliker, but this week she found a piece of litter that defied her efforts at cleanup. In addition to the usual cans and cigarette butts, someone dumped an odoriferous outhouse. The rental company didn’t answer the phone, and my sister was told by a police officer that if she damaged the outhouse while moving it, she would be liable for damages. So she had it tagged for towing; the sign gives notice that “this potty will be towed.” Will keep you posted on whether or not that works.

My sister’s update (3 days later): “You would think that a porta potty would be a good find while picking up litter but not so when it is on private property, smells to high heaven and no one seems know how it got there. Teenage prank or the ultimate “dump?’ Fortunately, this little stinker has finally been picked up.”

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