Why We Plike

“As we clean up trash we are opening up paths of healing. What a wonderful way to strengthen our community by offering miles of peace and tranquility along our trails, biking paths and waterways.”


“I plike to promote awareness, and to set a good example for my granddaughter.”


I really don’t like seeing trash on trails and near waterways. I enjoy being outside and so I feel a responsibility to ensure litter is picked up. 

I have met some great people while pliking.”


Each of us makes a difference in the world every single day. When I pick up trash while out enjoying nature, I feel good that I am contributing to a positive experience for those who hike after me.


“Be good to Mother Earth and don’t litter.”


“I’ve learned that when I leave an area entirely clean, it stays clean much longer than if I only pick up part of the litter.

I’ve also learned that picking up other people’s trash is more tolerable, and even enjoyable, when done with a group of friends.” 


“Nature gives us so much, the least we should do is give a little time to keep it  beautiful.” 


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