The Flying Bag

Today I was able to assist a hiker with terrible aim. Somehow after bagging their dog’s poop, the bright purple bag went flying into the air, and perched on a branch near the top of a very tall fir tree. Fortunately, as an experienced pliker I am always prepared. The blackberries fought back, but I was able to reach into the tree with a long pole and retrieve the bag. Unfortunately, the hiker was long gone and did not have the opportunity to express their gratitude. Maybe next time.

Full disclosure: The dog poop bag was, in fact, bright purple and perched on a branch near the top of a very tall fir tree. I was definitely attacked by the blackberry brambles and have the snagged clothing and scratches to prove it. However, the negligent hiker was nowhere in sight. And being not quite THAT prepared, I did have to return home and borrow a pole to reach the bag.

Published by Pliking

Pliking Inc. is a 501(c)3 corporation dedicated to building clean, healthy and strong communities through promoting the sport of pliking: picking up litter while hiking or biking. Our activities include litter cleanup and pruning events, educational booths, and youth presentations.

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