Feeding the Garbage Goat

As my friend Carolyn and I traveled across Idaho and Washington this week, we stopped at several roadside attractions, including a mummified mermaid and the actual Center of the Universe. Which I must say, is rather inconveniently positioned. Carolyn watched for traffic while I stood in the middle of the intersection for a selfie of this very important event.

One of our favorite stops was in Spokane to feed the Garbage Goat, which was created by a welder/artist/nun for Expo ’74 and has been eating garbage ever since, more than 14,000 cubic yards of trash.

The goat is vacuum-powered and triggered by pushing a button on the stone wall. It even sucks up water bottles and drink cans! We had to wait for our turn to throw away trash, that’s never happened before. Apparently, the goat is a favorite destination for young families with preschool children. A couple of the parents looked at us strangely; I guess they have yet to discover the joys of Pliking – with or without a hungry goat.

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