Litter on a Stick

Hiking in the Wasatch mountains, Patti and I stumbled upon a trash-covered campsite in the pristine wilderness.  With a frustrated sigh, I pulled a couple of large garbage bags from my pocket and we filled them with discarded cans, plastic wrappers and other debris.  We then began a joyless trudge down the steep hillside, carrying the heavy bags.  As the trail neared the edge of a cliff, Patti decided she was done.  I watched in disbelief as she threw her arms back in a wide arc, then launched her bag over the side of the cliff.  Remorse instantly flooded her face, and we scrambled down to see what had become of the trash bag.  Finding it surprisingly still intact, we tied both bags to the middle of a hiking pole, then hoisted the pole to our left shoulders and continued our long march down to the trailhead.

Some days we are full of energy and ready to take on the world.  Other days, we may need to leave the world to itself for a time and just enjoy the trail.

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