Defeats the Purpose of Personal Protective Equipment

When I was at Beus Pond (Ogden City) last week, a young woman waved as she walked past pushing a stroller.  I watched her get into her car, then before leaving she threw her sanitizing wipe on the ground.  As I gathered my grabber and gloves to go and pick it up, another young woman saw it, shook her head in disgust, and picked up the used wipe – with her bare hands.  I saw 2 other people picking up trash with their bare hands that day.  And I felt awful, because we have worked SO hard to get out the message about picking up litter, but now it is endangering people.  When we have people who want to go out, we give them their own grabber, gloves and trash bags, so that they can keep them sanitized, and we emphasize safety procedures.  (Requests can be sent to us at

The mask, gloves and sanitizing wipes that protected you become a health hazard for someone else when you throw them on the ground. That someone else may be a five-year old girl who was taught by her mother to pick up trash and leave the world a cleaner place.  JOIN THE PACK, PICK IT UP

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