Idaho Roadside

There is so much in life that I find confusing. Why can I understand my daughter’s voice when she calls from South Korea, but I don’t understand my husband when he hollers from the kitchen?  Why does it mean 6 more weeks of winter when the groundhog sees his shadow – wouldn’t that indicate the sun is already shining? Why have I watched Napoleon Dynamite 4 times?  

By the way, I met someone from Napoleon’s hometown of Preston, Idaho at the swimming pool this week.  

I guess what really confuses me is the amount of roadside litter in rural southeastern Idaho, particularly cans and bottles.  I mean, litter research shows that people will do whatever is easiest. 

Which is easier:  A.  Place empty bottle in the cup holder for later disposal, or B. Make sure no other cars are around, open the window, grab the bottle, throw the bottle out the window.

Judging by the number of cars I’ve seen since arriving in the Blackfoot countryside a week ago–maybe 20–and the number of cans and bottles–thousands littering the roadside– many drivers have voted for B.  Or perhaps just a few with a disproportionate impact.

It doesn’t seem very fair to the farmers who end up with mangled cans and bottles mixed in with their freshly tilled soil.  

Walked 350 feet, picked up 39 bottles and cans, 3 shoes, 1 glove and fast food litter

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