Pliking…Who Knew?

When I signed up for Pliking it wasn’t really about the environment,  but I wanted to meet people and hike. Because of my asthma and crap knees, I thought this was the right group for me since stopping to pick up trash would be a slower hike and I could keep up.
This was true, but I found  that I met people who loved the beauty of our mountains, rivers, lakes and parks as much as I did and putting efforts into cleaning the trails as we went added to my enjoyment.
Pliking (picking up litter while hiking) has become a passion. Meeting people on the trails. Educating kids I meet about how long trash takes to degrade when it is dropped on the trails brings amazement and awareness that sticks with them.
I have found friendships with like minded people that care about the natural surroundings that are sometimes taken for granted and are actually doing something about it.
I recommend Pliking to anyone that enjoys outdoor spaces and wants to help keep our environment beautiful. 

Written by Cherie Malone, Founder and Asst. Director

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