Pliking Party

Hosting a Pliking event is like throwing a birthday party and inviting people you’ve never met.  I decide when and where to hold the celebration and send out invitations on Meetup and Facebook.  I gather party favors – grabbers, gloves and trash bags – and prepare refreshments, usually granola bars, but sometimes homebaked desserts or pizza from Lucky Slice.  I dress up in my green Pliking t-shirt that hangs on me like a trash bag, add a Pliking baseball cap, then drive to the venue and wait.

I’ve never had to celebrate alone.  When the sun is shining, more people come to my party, sometimes 25 or more.  When the wind chill drops below 20 degrees, I’ve had as few as 4 guests.  I celebrated two of my actual birthdays sharing cake with people I had just met. 

No matter how many people come, the event is always a success.  We laugh, get to know each other and leave the party feeling good about having left the trails cleaner than we found them.  We would love to have you join us at our upcoming events!

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