Snowy Pliking Event

For the past month, I have watched a shopping cart (missing wheels) migrate down the hillside next to Bluff Trail, a heavily wooded and secluded area in the heart of Ogden City. Despite the icy snow on the ground, I decided that today was the day to return it to its rightful owner. A brand new shopping cart from the same store–Walmart–had joined it, and I was afraid they would procreate and take over the trail.

Four bold plikers joined me and sliding down the hill, we managed to retrieve the disabled cart and drag it down the trail. We threw it and its able-bodied sweetheart into the back of a truck and returned them to their rightful home. I thought the assistant manager would welcome her carts with open arms, but she seemed less than thrilled. She wrinkled her forehead and looked me and my comrades over with a puzzled expression, as in “what kind of weirdos drag shopping carts back to a store? And what am I supposed to do with a cart holding a broken cart?” Alas, that is her problem now, and the trail is safe for another day.

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