Pliking Inc. Board of Directors

Marie Hahn, Director

Marie Hahn is a retired journalist who moved to the Ogden area in 2014.  With the desire of creating community while making a difference, she organized the Pliking Club in September 2018, with cleanup events posted on Meetup.  The group was so successful that in December 2019, Hahn and a newly formed board of directors incorporated as a nonprofit, under the name of Pliking Inc.

Cherie Malone, Asst. Director

Cherie Malone is a semi-retired retail manager who returned to Utah to enjoy the 4 seasons.  She believes in giving back to the community and taking action to encourage participation in keeping trails, parks and water ways clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

Lyndsay Sorrentino, Secretary

Lyndsey Sorrentino is a transplant from California, where she was active in event planning and fitness training. She loves living in an area with so many trails and helping to create a better experience for all who use them.

Ben Pacheco, Events Coordinator

Benny Pacheco is an outdoor and nature enthusiast who was born and raised in Northern Utah. Always amazed at the world and wonders of the earth , striving to help future generations understand the importance of caring for the Earth and taking action to do so. Live, Give, and Love. 

David Stuart, Inventory Manager

Dave Stuart is a passionate lover of the outdoors and community. He devotes his time to building and preserving local trails, often while leading scout or other groups.