Pliking Inc. Board of Directors

Cherie Malone – Director

After a successful career in retail Management, Cherie Malone returned to Utah to enjoy the four seasons.  She believes in giving back to the community and taking action to encourage participation in keeping trails, parks and water ways clean and beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

Lyndsey Sorrentino – Director

Lyndsey Sorrentino is a transplant from California, where she was active in event planning and fitness training. Her career as a senior tax analyst prepared her well for her service on our board. She loves living in an area with so many trails and helping to create a better experience for all who use them.

David Stuart – Director

Dave Stuart is a passionate lover of the outdoors and community. He brings years of experience in trail construction and maintenance to our board. He devotes many hours each week to building and preserving local trails, often while leading scout or other groups.

Ben Pacheco – Director

Benny Pacheco is an outdoor and nature enthusiast who was born and raised in Northern Utah. Always amazed at the world and wonders of the earth , striving to help future generations understand the importance of caring for the Earth and taking action to do so. Live, Give, and Love. 

Director Emeritus

Marie Hahn

Marie Hahn is a journalist and community activist who moved to the Ogden area in 2014.  She organized the Pliking Club in September 2018, with cleanup events posted on Meetup.  The group was so successful that in December 2019, Hahn and a newly formed board of directors incorporated as a nonprofit, under the name of Pliking Inc. She has since moved to Washington State, where she continues to promote the sport of Pliking.

Nestor Robles

Nestor Robles is an entrepreneur, graphic designer and passionate community volunteer.  He was one of Pliking’s original directors and has provided great assistance with graphic design, including the development of our logo.

Pliking History

While picking up trash on their weekly hike, Marie and her friend Trudy discussed the idea of forming a cleanup group. They initially thought of calling it “The Bag Ladies,” but quickly dismissed that idea in favor of Pliking – Picking up Litter while hIKING.  However, they didn’t know if anyone would actually show up and did not pursue the idea at that time.  Several months later, Marie mentioned the idea to her neighbor Tom, who was very enthusiastic and offered to fund a Meetup Group.  

The Pliking Club of Ogden was organized on Sept. 18, 2018 and held its first cleanup at the High Adventure Park in Ogden, Utah.  Thirteen “plikers” showed up and pliking was born.

At first, just a few volunteers met a couple of times a month to pick up trash on local trails.  As they formed strong connections with each other and the trails they cleaned,  the number of volunteers increased.  Cleanup events were quickly joined by additional programs for litter cleanup and prevention, including educational booths, civic presentations, a school poster contest and business/school partnerships.

With such prosperous organic growth, group leaders realized it was time to incorporate so they could continue to grow..  In December 2019, a newly formed 5-member board of directors met to organize Pliking Inc., a “501(c)3 dedicated to building clean, healthy and strong communities through promoting the sport of Pliking.”

Since what time, Pliking has contributed more than 3600 volunteer hours to the Ogden area and picked up more than a thousand large bags of trash. The hours contributed directly to Ogden City, valued at $23.50 an hour, have been used for matching grants to help build new trails, such as Stairway to Harrison and the  Trackline Bike Park.

When the nation shut down in March 2020 because of COVID, cleanup activities  halted for a season.  However, Pliking Inc. soon developed new programs to continue cleaning trails safely, which was especially important because more people than ever were visiting the trails and parks.  The organization provided free socially-distanced delivery of grabbers, gloves and trash bags to interested individuals and families.  The Pliking 27 Challenge started July 24 of that year, providing prizes for pliking the 27 trails on Ogden City’s trails map.  As restrictions eased, Pliking Inc. provided sanitized equipment and masks to business groups, and resumed events with only a few volunteers.  

On April 16, 2021, Pliking, Inc. was awarded the WSU (Weber State University) Presidential Award for Community Engagement  because of their work with students, especially in providing volunteer opportunities during the pandemic.

Pliking has spread east and south with the addition of the Keep Gastonia Beautiful pliking program in North Carolina, and the Pliking Club of Salt Lake.  Pliking Inc. has partnered with several trails and environmental organizations, including Clean Trails, Ogden Trails Network, Trails Foundation of Northern Utah and the GOAL Foundation.  Future plans include a school Pliking program.

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