Official Pliking 27 Challenge Rules

Welcome to the Pliking 27 Challenge!

We are excited that you have decided to join us, not only in experiencing Ogden City’s 27 beautiful trails, but also in helping to keep them clean and safe.

The Challenge opens on Earth Day, April 22, 2021 .  To participate in the challenge, you will  log trails “pliked” on the 27 Challenge Map and earn rewards:

  • Fourteen trails = Pliking water bottle and bling
  • Twenty-seven trails = Challenge patch and baseball cap or t-shirt

You may pick up  a map of the 27 trails at any of our Pliking events, which are posted on our Meetup Page.  Trail maps are also available online at Ogden Trails.

We want all who are interested to be able to participate, including those whose age or physical condition may not allow them to hike the entire trail.  

If you started the Challenge in 2020, you may include trails previously pliked. If you already completed the Challenge, you may start again and earn additional rewards!

Want to get credit for hiking more than just the Pliking 27 Challenge trails? Plike 4 or more of the Trails Foundation of Northern Utah Trails and earn prizes from them. Just log the trails on the Pliking 27 Challenge map as “other trail” to get credit.

Experienced plikers have found that always carrying a folded plastic grocery bag is a good way to be prepared for picking up litter.  The bag can be used not only to carry trash, but also as a glove.  Free grabbers and gloves are available upon email request at

If you have questions, ideas or need assistance, please email the Pliking Club at

Thank you for joining us in enjoying Ogden City trails while helping to create a cleaner, healthier and more beautiful community.

Registration Form


Entry.  Entry begins on April 22, 2021  and will be continued for at least the duration of 2021.  To participate, you must join the Pliking 27 Challenge and track Ogden trails pliked during the entry period.  The online application form requests name, email address, mailing address, t-shirt size and guardian permission if under 18 years of age.  Participants must submit trails online, including the following information:  Trail name, date and hours pliked, and comments.  

Eligibility Requirements.  VOID WHERE PROHIBITED OR RESTRICTED BY LAW.  Challenge is open to residents of Weber and Davis Counties, Utah

Claiming Rewards. The  rewards can be claimed in person at a Pliking event, or by contacting us at to arrange pickup..   Rewards shall include, in Sponsor’s sole discretion, water bottles, patches, t-shirts and other pliking-related items.  The approximate retail value of the Rewards ranges from $5 to $30.  The challenge may be repeated for additional rewards.

Use of Personal Information.  Sponsor and business partners may use the personal information (name, email) provided by you on the entry application to contact you for reward delivery.  The email address may be used to contact you about future Ogden area volunteer opportunities.  Photos will not be shared, except with prior permission.  You may opt out at any time by unsubscribing to promotional emails, or sending an email to

General Terms. Your entry in the Pliking 27 Challenge constitutes your full, unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these rules.  Participants agree that the Sponsor and their affiliates shall not be liable for damages of any kind resulting from entry in this Challenge, receipt of a reward, including claims based on personal injury and publicity rights.  All decisions and interpretation of these rules by Sponsor will be final. 

Homeless Campsites.  As you explore Ogden City trails, it is very possible that you will come across a homeless campsite.  Out of respect for these individuals and their property, please leave their belongings untouched and notify us of the location at

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