Good News for a Cleaner Planet

The Five Piece Challenge

We don’t have to spend long hours picking up trash to make a difference–just a few pieces on our way to work, school, or while walking the trail contributes to a cleaner community.

Ocean Waste Plastic

Kevin.Murphy, a company that collects plastic bottles from the ocean to recycle for their beauty products. They also designed a square bottle that requires less plastic to hold the same amount of product.They are cleaning up the planet and creating less litter at the same time!


Good news for recycling – TerraCycle offers a variety of programs for recycling almost everything, many of them free! Many are by mail and offer free shipping; others, for example used razors, have a local drop-off site.

UN Environment Programme

Cleanup campaigns DO make a longterm difference!

Crowdsourced Cleanup in New Jersey

Citizens in New Jersey are making a difference, using an App that geotags dump sites and helps government employees catch the perpetrators.

A Utah Woman Making a Difference

Frankie Flemming keeps her city clean with her “Be considerate, don’t litter it” campaign.

Trashtag Challenge

Cleanup groups are being motivated by social media challenges!

There IS no Poop Fairy

Newport Beach has instituted a campaign against those smelly bags full of poop that people are leaving on our trails and sidewalks.

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