Volunteer Hours

This year Pliking expanded into Salt Lake City, Idaho and Washington. Volunteers recorded 1400 hours of service, which brought our total recorded service to 4435 hours. We estimate that over the past three years, we have gathered more than 665 large bags of trash, and cleaned 392 miles of trails.


In 2021, we spent a total of $2422.

Promotional – Pliking water bottles, bling for contests

Equipment – grabbers, gloves, masks, and bags

Office – Meetup, WordPress and State registration


Leadership Team

Spencer Bowler assisted with social media and business planning. He promoted Pliking on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, updated our business plan and board member handbook, instituted a beer can recycling program in Salt Lake bars, and reached out to potential Pliking partners.

Marie Hahn, moved to Washington state and resigned from the board, necessitating a change in leadership. Currently, two of our board members (Cherie and Lyndsey) share administrative responsibilities until we are able to appoint a new president. She started a Pliking group in the Idaho Falls area, and is pliking in the Seattle Eastside area, while reaching out to local organizations which may be interested in hosting Pliking events.

Lyndsey Sorrentino became our Meetup organizer, and organized the Pliking Club of Salt Lake.

Cherie Malone became our liaison with Ogden Trails Network.

Dave Stuart continued his work with volunteer groups and equipment management.

Ben Pacheco worked with Social Media.

Pliking 27 Challenge

We modified the Pliking 27 Challenge which rewards individuals for pliking the 27 trails listed on Ogden City’s trails map; it is now an ongoing program.


We have reached out to Salt Lake Recreation Dept. to promote pliking in their organization, and the Piking program in Gastonia continues strong..

Additional Accomplishments

29th St Trail Adoption

WSU CCEL students

WSU Presidential Award – 2021 Community Partner

Supported Ogden Trails Network trail adoption program

Website and Facebook

Civic presentations

Registered on Benevity, which allows us to accept corporate donations

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