Pliking – Picking up Litter while hIKING

Pliking Inc is a nonprofit corporation located in Ogden, Utah. Our mission is to promote the sport of pliking, which:

  • Builds clean, healthy and safe communities
  • Increases physical fitness
  • Develops strong relationships from working together
  • Nurtures a sense of meaning and purpose while beautifying the environment

We started in 2018 as a small Meetup group in Ogden, Utah, meeting 1-3 times a month to pick up trash on local trails. Since that time, we have contributed more than $40,000 worth of volunteer hours to Ogden City and picked up more than 527 large bags of trash. After picking up so much trash, we have expanded our program to include litter prevention through education.

We are passionate about creating cleaner communities!

Litter is creating a huge, negative impact on our planet. Toxic chemicals can leak out of the debris and into our air, soil, and water. Trash gets caught on wildlife, affecting their growth like the case with this turtle, Peanut, who later became an information advocate. Household pets are also at risk.

Litter on our highways causes 25,000 traffic accidents in the United States each year, some of them fatal.

We want to be a part of the solution, and we hope you do too.

Pliking is an adaption of Plogging, which started in Sweden and became a worldwide movement. Plalking, or picking up litter while walking, has joined the movement in the Keep Massachusetts Beautiful campaign

It’s not hard to get involved. Join us during our next meet up, or find or create a group near you. Do you want to make a real difference? Sign up for the Litterati app!

Why Pliking Matters

City Parks and Rec Depts. have limited resources and rely on volunteer efforts to help keep parks, trails and streets clean.

Many people feel disconnected and alone. Pliking with a group creates strong social connections.

Pliking increases flexibility, balance and general fitness, as well as helping to maintain a healthy weight.

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