Create a Cleaner Community – Join the Litterati Challenge

This man helped to create a cleaner, more effective community with just one app – and you can too.

It’s all thanks to Litterati.

Litterati is an app. When you pick up litter, you document the type, and the app automatically saves the geolocation. From there, it combines the information that you provide with the information other users provide to create a real-world look at where the litter points are in a given area.

This gives governments the power to levy a cigarette tax that brings in an extra $4 million a year, or it empowers schools to make smarter choices about single-use plastics.

And thanks to people using the app, entire towns document the progress they make as they pick up 50,000 pieces of litter or more. (By the way, you can find all these stories and more here.)

And it’s easy to participate. Here’s how:

  1. Download the Litterati app and sign up with a free account.
  2. Join a challenge. This adds your efforts to that of your local or global community.
  3. While you’re out pliking, use the app to take photos of the litter you see along the way, then pick it up.
  • The photo will automatically be tagged with the date, time, and location
  • Get a friend involved! This works best with a two-person team!
  1. When an area is clean, upload the photos.
  2. Tag the photo with the type of object, material, and brand.

It’s that easy! After that, your community can use the data you provide to make real-world changes for cleaner, healthier, and safer communities.

So join the Litterati challenge today!

PLIKING INC. has partnered with Litterati to create Pliking challenges, promoting the sport of pliking while building a database that can be used for litter reduction in our communities.

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  • Pliking, Plogging and Picking it Up – Davis County
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