Volunteer Hours

Despite the nationwide shutdown in March 2020 due to the pandemic, Pliking was able to contribute 2634 volunteer hours to the Ogden community last year.  For comparison, Pliking contributed 464 hours from its inception on Sept. 18, 2018 until Dec. 31, 2019.  Volunteers recorded 303 bags of trash picked up, in addition to large items; this brought our total bags to 527.


In 2020, we spent a total of $3,811, which was donated by individuals and local groups.

  • $1574 Promotional – Pliking water bottles, bling for contests and Facebook ads
  • $1240 Equipment – grabbers, gloves, masks, pruners and bags
  • $997 Office – Meetup, WordPress and State registration; higher than usual because it includes incorporation expenses


Meetup and Equipment

Our Meetup events were suspended for part of the year.  In response, we provided contact-free equipment pickup to community groups and individuals so that cleanup could continue.  The need was especially high last year, because with the closure of businesses more people were out enjoying the trails and parks.

Litter Poster Contest with Lucky Slice Pizza

We partnered with the Weber Morgan Health Dept. and local schools to sponsor a Litter Poster Contest.  Winning posters were displayed at Lucky Slice, where patrons voted on their favorites.  We used them in our litter education campaigns. 

Pliking 27 Challenge

In response to pandemic limitations, we created the Pliking 27 Challenge which rewards individuals for pliking the 27 trails listed on Ogden City’s trails map. We had more than 80 registrants who contributed 300 hours to Ogden City.  Six participants completed all 27 trails, earning a custom shirt.  Prizes were also awarded for 7 and 14 trails, including a patch and bling from the GOAL Foundation and Ogden City.

Additional Accomplishments

  • 29th St Trail Adoption
  • WSU CCEL students
  • Court-ordered community volunteers
  • Litterati specific challenges
  • Winter Booths – Ogden Recycling shared their booth with us
  • Litter Surveys – results were shared with OTN and posted on our website
  • Supported Ogden Trails Network trail adoption program
  • Sister Pliking Club in Gastonia, North Carolina
  • YouTube Video Channel
  • Website and Facebook
  • Civic presentations
  • Updated brochure, graphics with assistance of Chicago high school student
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