No puny poop bags for this litterer

My sister in Idaho is an avid Pliker, but this week she found a piece of litter that defied her efforts at cleanup. In addition to the usual cans and cigarette butts, someone dumped an odoriferous outhouse. The rental company didn’t answer the phone, and my sister was told by a police officer that ifContinue reading “No puny poop bags for this litterer”

People Against Litter

–Written by guest blogger David Zwick, Admin. of PAL – People Against Litter I’ve camp/traveled full time since retiring, and am just finishing my third winter here in the desert southwest.  While I was loving my travels I was troubled by the amount of litter I saw.  Last year when I returned to one of my favoriteContinue reading “People Against Litter”

Pliking Across the Ages

When we asked people how they felt about litter (Litter Awareness Survey), they responded strongly with a variety of insults and epithets. Clearly, most people do not like litter, and more people are starting to do something about it. Colene, an 81-year old in San Diego, helped with her church’s cleanup event at a neighborhoodContinue reading “Pliking Across the Ages”

Pliking While Bathing

This week I indulged in Forest Bathing (Shinrin Yoku) in the North Creek Forest. After gathering for the now-familiar COVID safety discussion, our group of five women descended dirt steps into a lush Pacific Forest, leaving behind the sights and sounds of suburbia. Judy, our facilitator, offered suggestions for opening up our senses to theContinue reading “Pliking While Bathing”

Every State Has Its Weeds

Every state has its weeds. In Utah, members of the Pliking Club pull Dyers Woad, Myrtle Spurge and Goatshead. Dyers Woad, which decorates Ogden’s hillsides with its small yellow flowers and can be used to create blue dye, is also an introduced nonedible plant which crowds out native plants, reducing edible vegetation for wildlife. MyrtleContinue reading “Every State Has Its Weeds”

Feeding the Garbage Goat

As my friend Carolyn and I traveled across Idaho and Washington this week, we stopped at several roadside attractions, including a mummified mermaid and the actual Center of the Universe. Which I must say, is rather inconveniently positioned. Carolyn watched for traffic while I stood in the middle of the intersection for a selfie ofContinue reading “Feeding the Garbage Goat”