Feeding the Garbage Goat

As my friend Carolyn and I traveled across Idaho and Washington this week, we stopped at several roadside attractions, including a mummified mermaid and the actual Center of the Universe. Which I must say, is rather inconveniently positioned. Carolyn watched for traffic while I stood in the middle of the intersection for a selfie ofContinue reading “Feeding the Garbage Goat”

Spencer Bowler, our new Marketing and Social Media Consultant

Hey there, My name is Spencer Bowler. I am a student of Environmental and Sustainability Studies at the University of Utah who is dedicated to helping people make the world a cleaner and more sustainable place for us all.  I own  a small company called Less Than Wasted, We sell meditation pillows, and yoga bolstersContinue reading “Spencer Bowler, our new Marketing and Social Media Consultant”

Pliking Receives WSU Presidential Award

Pliking won a prestigious award from Weber State University.On April 15, 2021, Pliking, Inc. was awarded the Presidential Award for Community Engagement as a Community Partner whose efforts make WSU and our community a better place.Along with Community Engaged Alum, Faculty Member, Staff Member and Student, Pliking is honored to be recognized by WSU.We willContinue reading “Pliking Receives WSU Presidential Award”